Man Accused of Raping AU Student Appeared in Court for Bond Revocation Hearing

Lee County Judge Ruled Bond Remains Revoked

The man accused of raping an Auburn University student aboard a tiger transit bus goes before a judge for a bond hearing Tuesday afternoon.

51-year-old Tony Patillo is accused of sexually assaulting the female student while she was incapacitated.

Patillo was out on bond previously. He was arrested and put back in jail after police said his ankle monitor wasn’t working properly.

The sergeant in charge of Patillo’s case as well as the manager of the ankle monitoring device business testified.

They said that the monitor wasn’t being charged properly.

Therefore, there were gaps between September 29 and the 30th where they didn’t know where Patillo was.

Witnesses said the ankle monitor was not tampered with, though.

However, Judge Steve Speakman said Patillo should have listened to all of the instructions for his device.

So, his bond will remain revoked.

His preliminary hearing will be November 15.

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