Nine People Shot, Two Dead at a Nightclub in Lanett

Nine people shot two dead at a nightclub in Lanett, Alabama Saturday night.

Now, police are trying to track down those responsible.

But, neighbors around the club and even the property owner, Michael Woody, believes this was done by people who live outside the area.

Woody owns the property where Club Addiction is and his place Cal’s right next door.

He was hosting a birthday party at his business when he heard shots ring out.

“We noticed a lot of kids running from there to my parking lot and I went to the door and I heard shots going off and everything and I saw a young guy back behind me laying down,” said Woody.

According to Woody and a press release sent out by Lanett PD, the suspect walked inside the club and started shooting near the door killing one person.

“ A lot of people were running trying to get away,” said Woody.

Then, when police arrived, a second round of shots, killing a woman inside a car near the club.

Several others were injured and treated on scene or taken to the hospital.

“It shouldn’t be mothers burying kids, it should be kids burying mothers and fathers,” said Woody.

Neighbors said they heard the gunshots too.

“When I heard the shots and the cars going up the road, my first instinct was to call my sister,” said April Carlisle, who lives near Club Addiction.

Carlisle said she woke up hearing 9 to 10 gunshots and panicked because she knew her sister was there.

“I was worried at first when she didn’t answer when I called her, but she wrote me and said she was alright,” said Carlisle.

Her sister described the scene as pure madness.

“Everyone hit the floor and she fell and someone helped her out,” said Carlisle.

But, she adds she’s never heard or seen anything like this happen before.

So, investigators now working to figure out who did this and why it happened.

If you have any information on this shooting you are urged to call Lanett police at (334-644-5254) or CrimeStoppers (334-756-8200).

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