Scholar Athlete: Central Red Devils, Slade Gorman

Central High School Senior Slade Gorman lives and breathes baseball. He is currently is in conditioning for the Red Devils and plays travel ball as well, on top of that he has a 3.96 Grade Point Average.

“I usually get home about 9, or 10 o clock and then I stay up late and do my homework, sometimes I get up early in the morning and do it,” Says Slade.

Although baseball is what makes his day-to-day schedule so busy, he credits it for his academic success.

“If I didn’t have baseball my grades would probably be not that good, but when I can add baseball it pushes me to do better in school,” Says Slade.

He also credits his head coach, AJ Kehoe for adding some leadership and extra motivation to maintain a good academic standing.

“He makes sure were staying focused on school and have our grades up to where they should be. If we don’t have our grades up, we have to run stadiums everyday,” Says Slade.

As a leader on his team he has high hopes for the season and high standards for himself.

“I’m pretty confident, I think we’re going to do pretty good and shock some people. Everybody thinks we lost lost a lot of people, but I feel like my team is going to do good this year… [Personally] I want to get .450 batting average and have about ten home runs this year,” Says Slade.

He dreams of playing baseball at the highest level and is well aware of the work it will take to get there.

“Every day you got to keep on the grind, you know you really got to grind to make it and they just don’t give away that million dollars, you have to earn it,” Says Slade.

Congratulations to Slade Gorman WLTZ’s Scholar Athlete of the week.

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