OPS Lineman’s Surprise Assignment, Coincidentally Deployed to Cousin’s Neighborhood in Griffin, GA. After Hurricane Irma Hit

Opelika Power Services were deployed to Griffin, Georgia, Winter Park and Key West, Florida to help with Hurricane Irma victims.

One of the lineman, Taylor Simmons had a cousin in Griffin who didn’t have power For 4 1/2 days.

She jokingly said he should come and help her, but that joke actually turned into reality.

“Everything was dead. Anything that was on the first floor of anyone’s house was laying in the ditch ready for trash,” said Zack Hester, OPS lineman.

One of those places hit hard was Griffin, Georgia, especially on a street Taylor’s Simmons’ cousin lived on.

“That College St. area was pretty rough,” said Simmons.

“We don’t have power, you work for a power company, isn’t there something you can do? He goes, I work for Opelika power, you’re in Georgia,” said Ashleigh Long, Simmons’ cousin who lives in Griffin.

“It was one in a million chance for a storm that size to go help somewhere so small,” said Simmons.

Then, that Tuesday morning they got the call and they were actually heading to Griffin.

“Griffin is not huge, but it’s not extremely small and I said he could be anywhere and we had trees down all over the county and he was literally at the end of my street, he goes, ‘do you know where College St. is?’ And I said oh my gosh, you are at right at my house,” said Long.

Long said this did not randomly happen.

“I don’t think it was a random coincidence that he got sent on my street. He could have been sent anywhere, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and for him to be on my street, I think it was God’s way of saying, I’m looking after you and I’m going to send your family from Alabama to help you,” said Long.

She shared the run-in on Facebook and the comments and likes blew up.

It was a bad situation and people were getting antsy and not having power for 4 days and then something fun and lighthearted happen so people loved the story,” said Long.

A lot of devastating stories that Hurricane Irma caused but at the same time hope and help that this family can hold on to forever.

“It’s a good thing we enjoy going on storms and helping people,” said Simmons.

Long was so thankful after their help, they had a community-wide lineman dinner for all the lineman in her town and their families. The community hosted that for 100 lineman showing appreciation for all the work they do.

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