The Depot is the First Alabama Restaurant to Join James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch Program

The Depot restaurant in Auburn is the first Alabama restaurant to be part of the James Beard Foundation Smart Catch program.

The James Beard Foundation is designed to promote the culinary arts in America.

But, as part of the Smart Catch program, the foundation guides chefs to purchase and sell more sustainable seafood.

As part of this program, The Depot serves seafood fished or farmed through environmentally responsible practices.

The program is just one of the James Beard Foundation’s impact programs, which showcase the organization’s commitment to establishing a more sustainable food system through education, advocacy, and thought leadership.

“This program involved three months of going through all our purchase records with different vendors and thereby we received over 85% of our fish one of the highest in the country is all sustainable products. It makes us feel really good and we are happy to share that with guests and share the program. James Beard is a wonderful foundation,” said The Depot’s Executive Chef, Scott Simpson.

For more information on the Smart Catch program and a list of other restaurants who follow this foundation’s guidelines, visit

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