Funeral Held for 3-year-old Sadie Andrews, Who Drowned in a Grease Trap at an Auburn Ice Cream Shop

Wednesday, the funeral was held for 3-year-old Sadie Andrews, the little girl who tragically drowned in a grease trap at Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop in Auburn.

Sadie’s funeral was held at Jeffcoat-Trant Funeral Home in Opelika.

Hundreds of people attended and it was open to the public.

For those who couldn’t attend, the family asked people to release a yellow balloon, Sadie’s favorite color, and take a video of it.

They want to share the videos on their Facebook page in memory of Sadie.

“The family is one of the most Christian families I’ve ever known in my life and this is a really sad occasion. I don’t know how you do this. My heart is just breaking for them,” said Jody Elmore, a Family Friend of the Andrew’s.

Family and friends of Sadie continue to ask for the community’s prayers, support and love.

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