Scholar Athlete: Calvary Christian Cheerleading, Savannah Clare

Maintaining a 3.9 GPA with playing sports year round can be a challenge. Savannah Clare has found a way to do both juggling cheer leading in the fall and softball in the spring.

“It is definitely busy. We take about a three week break inbetween football and softball practices and it is just go go go you have to have really good time management,” says Clare. 

Looking to finish out her senior year on a high note, Savannah has even added 3 AP classes to her plate, but academics didn’t always come naturally for her.

“I have to but in a lot of effort. It was really hard in elementary and middle school so i just kind of worked at it because I want to have good grades and so that’s a big thing to me,” says Clare. 

When she’s not cheering or studying you can find her with the beta club, the student government association, or babysitting after school which has led her to pursue a career as a neonatal nurse.

“I just have a heart for babies especially neonatal like premature babies are just so precious and I love them,” says Clare. 

As she looks on to college the one thing she will miss the most are those Friday night lights with her team.

“It is the best, I love being under the lights, it is like the best feeling and especially when we win it is such a good environment. Everyone is so hyped up and it is just the best feeling.”

After high school she hopes to pursue a nursing degree at a university that focuses in on each individual student. Congratulations to Savannah Clare of Calvary Christian school this week’s scholar athlete. 

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