Opelika High School Student Makes Threat on Facebook, School Officials & Police Take Action

An online threat puts Opelika High School on alert.


School officials say a student made the threat on Facebook Wednesday night.

Someone in the student’s neighborhood saw the threatening comment on Facebook and called police.

“It’s a very serious offense when you make a comment like that, that’s threatening toward students or teachers and we take that very seriously when it comes to disciplinary action and we are doing that as we speak,” said Mark Neighbors, Opelika City Schools Superintendent.

Neighbors wouldn’t comment about the specific status of this student, but said that the school has expelled students in the past for this type of behavior.

“We are going to take it seriously and we have in the past. We have expelled students in the past for this and we will look at the facts and give everyone the proper due process that’s involved and we will act judicially and significantly,” said Neighbors.

Extra police officers were present on campus Thursday and students and staff were told to be cautious and report any suspicious activity.

The superintendent warns students to be careful about posts, because every threat is taken very seriously by school officials and police.

“The parents really need to get control of this because there are serious consequence for these kids when they have intent to do harm and there are severe consequences for this behavior,” said Neighbors.

Opelika High School was not placed on lock down and Opelika police are still investigating the situation.

Neighbors added school officials are interviewing the students who had a conflict with the one who made the threat to get both sides of what’s going on.


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