Scholar Athlete: Northside Cross Country, Romie Ingram

When Romie Ingram entered Northside high school she became the freshman standout on the varsity cross country team.

“It was kind of scary because everybody there, all of the varsity runners were juniors and seniors so it was kind of weird being the only underclassmen,” says Ingram.

In the spring, she competes on the track and field team running the 1 mile, 800m, 4x4m and 2 mile.

“From track it is just this transfer over into the quick twitch muscles and running a lot faster and in shorter period of time,” says Ingram. 

She not only excels in athletics but in the classroom as well. When she graduates she will have completed 10 advanced placement classes and can add the governor’s honor program to her resume.

“I was nominated for art and I applied as a sophomore did not get in and then reapplied junior year and made it and it was one of the best things i’ve ever done it was super exciting,” says Ingram. 

With a hectic schedule Romie finds her escape in the art room.

“With art it is all about the creativity and the kind of doing what you want without restrictions of other people and stuff and it is just really amazing,” says Ingram. 

Romie currently has a 4.4 gpa and has plans to go to college to be a healthcare professional. She’s not giving up on her art dream altogether, still applying to schools where those programs are available. Congratulations to Romie Ingram from Northside high school this week’s scholar athlete. 

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