Victim wants to Drop Charges against Redwine Passengers

Freddy Levins asks Superior Court Judge to Drop Theft Charge

The owner of the car Christian Redwine took the night he was shot and killed after a police chase  is asking the court to dismiss the theft charge still pending against two teen passengers.

Nearly a year after the deadly incident Hunter Tillis and Hannah Wuenschel who were also shot by former officer Allan Brown are still facing criminal charges in the case including theft of vehicle.

Freddy Levins asked Chief Judge Gil Mcbride to dismiss the charge.

Defense Attorney Mike Garner represents Wuenschel and says he expects the remaining charges against his client will be dismissed based on a lack of evidence.

“These charges are paper thin……”

Hannah Wuenschel and Hunter Tillis  are also charged with burglary after stolen items were recovered in the car.

Superior Court Judge Gil Mcbride will ultimately decide their fate at a future hearing.


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