Scholar Athlete: Harris County Linebacker/Wrestler, Grady Lee

Grady Lee isnt your typical student athlete. In the fall he competes on the varsity football team as the starting middle linebacker, and in the spring is a member of the varsity wrestling team, but his passions go past just the playing field.

“I’m in SNHS, i’m a class officer for that. I’m in NEHS and national honor society…just a few clubs,” says Lee. 

Grady will also have completed 7 advanced placement classes by the time he graduates.

“It’s pretty tough but I try to stay on top of it. My parents push me to keep my grades up and so I just do my best,” says Lee. 

This isn’t the first two sport scholar athlete we’ve had from Harris County high school. Last year Grady’s older brother Gage was highlighted as one of our scholar athletes.

“He put the pressure on me to achieve the same he did so I’m just trying my best,” says Lee. 

His older brother was the starting middle linebacker for the tigers and Grady now hopes to fill that role in the best way he can.

“I kind of just sat underneath him. This is like my first year really emerging into a starting spot and I’m just trying to take it on head on,” says Lee. 

Grady currently has a 4.4792 gpa, and hopes to go on to college pursuing a bio-mechanic engineering program. Congratulations to Grady Lee of Harris County high school, this week’s scholar athlete. 

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