Dyksma Attorney Responds to Deputy’s Conviction in Sex Case

Tommy Pierson named in Federal Civil Lawsuit for Death of Nicholas Dyksma

Tommy Pierson was found guilty in that sex case almost two years to the date that 18 year old Nicholas Dyksma died after high speed chase in Harris County involving Pierson.

An attorney pursuing a civil case tells First News the timing of the verdict is ironic but irrelevant in the parents pursuit of justice.

“Sounds like we have two tragedies”, Craig Jones said.

Former Deputy Pierson was found guilty for sexual assault of a person in custody, violation of oath and tampering with evidence August 30th.

Just two years prior, August 31st, 2015 Nicholas Dyksma was running from police during a high speed chase  in Harris County

Attorney Jones says former Deputy Pierson seen on top of Dyksma after he’s handcuffed is one of five people responsible for the teen’s death that night and named in a Federal lawsuit.

That Pierson will be sentenced to jail time for an unrelated case is little consolation to Dyksma’s family he says.

The civil suit filed in federal court alleges the deputies used excessive force violating Nicholas Dyksma’s Constitutional Rights, committed battery and negligence.

The attorney is demanding a jury trial.


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