Local Businessman Has Created An Auburn RV Tailgating Community

A local businessman owns about 200 acres of land off of Highway 14 in Auburn and has turned it into an Auburn tailgating community.

With 800 lots, he started about 12 years ago, it keeps growing and he keeps needing to expand.

“Every day is a new adventure around here,” said Marvin Ussery, a RV Park Member for 10 years.

Back in the 1990s, a group of tailgaters wanted to leave their RVs at Mathan Holt’s lot after they tailgated on campus.

But, then tailgating and parking at the university got a little more difficult.

That’s when he decided to open up his 200 acre land to have tailgaters stay the whole season.

“This is our home away from home and sometimes this is home and the other home is our home away from home,” said Ussery.

They’ve made some lifelong friends.

“They keep coming back year after year. That’s why I have so many lots. They tell me all the time that they’ve made closer friends here at the RV park than they do in their subdivision back home that they’ve been living in for 30 years. It’s a good feeling to provide this service and this place for people to enjoy themselves,” said Mathan Holt, Owner of University Station RV Resort.

Dozens of University’s across the U.S. have been looking at how he runs things to bring this type of experience to their community.

“There’s not another one like it especially here in the SEC,” said Holt.

That’s why the Ussery’s have been coming since the beginning.

“This is the epitome of tailgating here. Lots of food, lots of fun, lots of friendship,” said Ussery.

From Baldwin County, they’ve come for every home game and even traveling to almost every away game. Nothing beats their spot at the park.

“You meet so many people. It’s a huge family, just like Auburn is a huge family,” said Sally Ussery.

Leading up to the games, they always plan a ton of activities for the families.

This Friday before the game against Mercer, the Raptor Center will bring the eagles for the community to view. They’ll also have live music and a parade.

They even have their own tree for the kids to roll as well after the games.



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