Auburn University’s New & Future Buildings

Auburn University students started the new school year with two brand new buildings.

The first, the Mell Classroom Building at the RBD library.

“What’s special about this building is we spent four years trying to design the best learning environment we could possibly design for Auburn University students. We visited other universities, the committee came back with many recommendations and this is the result,” said Auburn University Student Provost Dr. Tim Boosinger.

It took about 20 months to build and 40 classrooms integrated in the library.

With it also being a central point on campus, it’s a huge hub for learning with 700-800 students walking in and out almost every hour.

When they built it, the primary goal wasn’t to be a part of recruiting, but it seems to make an impression on future students.

“Out of state students when they come to campus and walk around, they bond with Auburn University. Even when people don’t know anything about us a month ago and visit and see what the Auburn University family is about and what the educational experience is all about, they tend to come here or want to come here,” said Dr. Boosinger.

Then there’s the new 89,000 sq. ft. Nursing & Pharmacy Buildings.

“The decision to build a new school of nursing was to provide an opportunity for more students that want to be nurses to come to Auburn and study. We didn’t have facilities that met the demand. We were turning away a lot of students and this allows us to more than double the enrollment in nursing and we are excited about it and they are too,” said Dr. Boosinger.

That project, in the works for 2 1/2 years, houses students in one and pharmacy research in the other.

Lastly, the Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center.

“What’s exciting for me is to provide this space and to provide the shared experiences for people who have been waiting for this for years and years. The conversations I’ve had with people who have lived in Auburn for 20 or 30 years, they never thought this day would happen and now for this to happen 2 years from now is very exciting for me,” said Christopher Heacox, Executive Director of the Performing Arts Center.

This will be something not only for the Auburn community to enjoy, but for the entire Southeast as well.

“The arts bring people together. They bring all different types of people together around a shared experience much like athletic events, but with performing arts. Music and dance and theatre, it’s that shared event where people can come together and have a great time with visitors,” said Heacox.

The Mell Classroom Building at the RBD Library will have a ribbon cutting Friday, September 1.

The Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center will open August 2019.

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