Jury Decides Fate of Former Deputy

Tommy Pierson charged with Aggravated Sodomy after Traffic Stop

The Prosecution closed their case in Harris County against a former Sheriff’s Deputy by saying the case has always been about an abuse of power.

A pattern of abuse by the deputy Prosecutors say that escalated to sexual assault after a traffic stop.

The most serious charges from a single traffic stop on Valentine’s Day last year comes down to one question.

Was the sexual encounter that followed that stop a consensual act ?

Assistant District Attorney Sheneka Jones argued “consent is not a defense to the prosecution of this offense.”

But bulldog defense attorney Bernard Brody told the jury the victim at the center of those allegations has trouble telling the truth from her own phone number to where she was going just prior to

being pulled over.

Brody also taking exception with GBI investigators who failed to examine and present GPS data taken from the deputy’s patrol car that directly contradicts another woman’s testimony

that the deputy posted up in front of her home for ten minutes.

The data showed the deputy never stopped.

Prosecutor Bill Lisenby shot back Tommy Pierson was a proven liar the moment he denied a sexual encounter ever occurred.

Both the prosecution and defense honing in on “reasonable doubt” the standard in this case.

The jury, comprised of 8 women and four men have their work cut out for them as they consider 12 counts against the deputy.

The most serious charge, aggravated sodomy that carries 25 years to life.


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