Deputy: Victim sent Non Verbal Signals

Tommy Pierson on Trial for Assault on a Person in Custody

Former Harris County Deputy Tommy Pierson testified the victim who says he forced her to perform oral sex on the side of the road sent “non verbal signals”.

Pierson took the stand to tell his version of events during the three traffic stops which resulted in criminal charges against the Deputy.

Pierson broke down almost immediately on the stand saying he was embarrassed and ashamed and acknowledging his behavior was quote “disgusting and inappropriate”.

The former deputy noted it’s not uncommon for women to flirt to get out of a ticket but in the case of the woman claiming he forced her to perform oral sex¬† the victim he said, gave off special

vibes and proceeded to give a graphic play by play account of what he says happened during the traffic stop.

Closing arguments are scheduled for 9 am at the Harris County Courthouse.

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