Sheriff Jolley Testifies in Former Deputy’s Trial

Deputy Pierson Statement: Victim said "Thank you" after Incident

After a full day of graphic testimony too hot for TV in a former deputy’s trial, the woman accusing Tommy Pierson of sexual assault was back on the stand.

The victim and Pierson’s Defense attorney  squaring off over inconsistencies in her testimony everything from who she contacted to her behavior immediately following the incident suggesting the

victim wasn’t too upset.

That line of questioning prompted the prosecutor to ask how does a sexual assault victim act?

Multiple witnesses testified the woman was distraught and contacted law enforcement in her home county right after the encounter.

The jury also heard testimony that Deputy Pierson adamantly denied any physical contact with the woman until she described his blue checkered boxers in detail.

It was only then that he admitted a sexual encounter occurred but he said that it was consensual.  

The deputy quietly broke down at the defense table as his former boss, Sheriff Mike Jolley took the stand to read a written statement from Pierson apologizing for embarrassing Jolley personally

and the Sheriff’s Department.  The deputy wrote in his statement the victim allegedly said “thank you” and “I need to come through Harris County more often” after the sexual encounter.

Meanwhile Sheriff Jolley said he called the Georgia Bureau of Investigation immediately after the incident was reported to avoid an appeareance of impropriety and ordered an audit of every stop

the Deputy made in the last six months. That audit Jolley ordered ultimately resulted in two more victims coming forward alleging the deputy stalked them after traffic stops.

Those two women are expected to testify when testimony resumes.




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