Victim Testifies Deputy Forced Her To Give Oral Sex Following Traffic Stop

Dash Cam Video shows Encounter with Former Deputy Tommy Pierson

The star witness in a sex assault case involving a former Harris County deputy told the jury Tommy Pierson forced her to perform oral sex on the side of the road.

The encounter was caught on the deputy’s dash cam video and shows the two flirting and bantering back and forth for several minutes.

Small talk the victim said to get out of a speeding ticket.  Their  roadside chat quickly escalated and Pierson is heard on the video asking the woman to pull off on another road to continue their

conversation but the woman ignored his invitation and kept going.

Deputy Pierson stopped her again but shortly after turned the video and audio recording devices off.

The victim says the deputy then forced her to have oral sex on a side road.

Asked why she didn’t immediately phone 911 the woman responded “he is 911”.

The defense argued the encounter was consensual and testimony turned combative for hours as the victim couldn’t recall particular details about the incident.

She blurted out at one point she was sure of one thing that she was being forced to perform the sex act against her will.

The victim at the center of the case is expected to return to the stand tomorrow.

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