Auburn University Experiences Solar Eclipse on First Day of School

Hundreds of students, faculty, staff and the Auburn community came out in front of the Student Center on Auburn’s campus to watch the much anticipated solar eclipse and they were not disappointed.

Anticipation built as the long lines formed to get a pair of solar eclipse glasses.

“It’s a rare eclipse that happens once or twice a year across the surface of the earth. But, any one location on earth it can be 100 years until you get an eclipse, so it can be a once in a lifetime event,” said Dr. Mike Fogle, Associate Professor in Physics.

“It’s really awesome to have so many people out for one similar thing. Football is one thing, but science is really cool too,” said Madison Armstrong, Auburn University Junior & Solar Eclipse Viewing Volunteer.

The university also provided many activities for the Auburn family beforehand as well.

“We have the Diversity Office showcasing some of their research as well as Summer programs they hold, Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art has shadow art, a photo booth and of course the live stream with NASA,” said Armstrong.

Some staked out space on the lawn all morning to have just the right spot as the eclipse hit it’s peak in Auburn around 1:30 p.m. CDT.

“Got a pair of the solar eclipse glasses and managed to see the whole thing start to finish, plenty of pictures, lots of fun,” said Errol Vieira, who traveled all the way from Pensacola, Florida to see the Eclipse.

Experiencing the special event with the Auburn family made it even better.

“I’ve seen people from classes I haven’t seen since Freshman year, so it’s nice to see people you haven’t seen in awhile, people you haven’t met, all getting to watch the eclipse together,” said Armstrong.

“It was a different day than most normal first days. I’ll always remember it because of the eclipse,” said Lauren Whittle & Callen Popwell, Auburn University Freshman.

The most unique first day of school that Auburn University will see for decades to come.

“First day of classes, what’s the best way to have a more memorable beginning to classes than having an eclipse on the first day,” said Dr. Fogle.

Auburn had a 92% view of the eclipse and also handed out more than 5,000 glasses for the viewing.

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