Game of the week preview: Greenville at Manchester

You won’t find the rivalry between Manchester and Greenville on paper but you will find it in the community that surrounds both high schools. Many that are brothers and others that grew up going to the same elementary or middle school will now hit the playing field against one another this Friday.

“Everybody is related or something like that so you know they, they still, you know it is competitive. They are like oh I’m going to beat you, I’m going to beat you and everything but you know hey you do all the talking you do all the talking you want to but it be on the field where you do right,” says Greenville senior defensive end Kamarius Mathis.

In recent history Greenville has dominated Manchester on the field but they’re not going to take them lightly this year.

“I tell them its a quiet before every storm and its a quote it takes a small ax to cut down a big tree so we are going to bring that small ax into manchester on friday night,” says Greenville head coach Vex Farley.

While it’s all quiet at the Leon Coverson stadium in Greenville, just down the road the at Manchester the Blue Devils say they’re ready to play.

“Dont let up, don’t let up on them at all, and don’t give them no hope whatsoever and just put our foots on their neck from the beginning and win,” says Manchester senior defensive line and offensive line Raeshawn Walton.

The first game is always an important one but Manchester is more concerned about themselves rather than take time thinking about the opponent.

“We are preparing for the game Friday night but as far as the focus, we are focused on ourselves everyday. We try to come out here and get better. There’s nothing else to do for us, we are just trying to get better everyday,” says Manchester head coach Evan Hochstetler.

This game isn’t just about the players on the field but about the community that will be in the stands who have been a part of this rivalry for many years. All the action will get started Friday night at 7:30 Eastern time.

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