Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Irving House” for Sale


An iconic piece of architecture, the Frank Lloyd Wright “Irving House,” is now for sale in Decatur, Illinois.

The home features custom, art glass on the windows, 100-year-old urns out front, and main floor rooms separated by curtains.

Aficionados don’t call these homes, as much as art pieces and signature designs, by Frank Lloyd Wright.

“Everything is part of something, and everything had a purpose,” said owner, Marc Willis.

Willis bought the house in 2013 and it has changed hands numerous times sinceĀ  it was built in 1910.

Willis added, “My interest in Frank Lloyd Wright, arts and crafts, and the prairie style. I said i’ll take it, and I moved.”

What makes a Frank Lloyd Wright home? In large part, it’s geometric shapes – squares and rectangles on a lot of woodwork that defines this house.

Another tell is the function…things like radiators built into the columns and clocks built in to walls. These built-in functions were ahead of their time.

Like most owners of the home over the last hundred years, Willis took care to either preserve or replicate key features.

“The optimal end to this house would be to have it taken over and maintained to have it as a museum,” said Willis.

The irving house is one of eight Frank Lloyd Wright homes across the country currently for sale.

The list price for the 6-thousand square foot home? 725-thousand dollars.

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