Study Funded by ALDOT & City of Auburn to Look at an Outer Loop Around the City to Alleviate Traffic

Auburn city council approved a study with the Alabama Department of Transportation to look at making an outer loop in the city of Auburn to alleviate some of the traffic.

The more than $200,000 study will look at a wide variety of factors that would go into this 12 mile loop.

They say Shug Jordan Parkway is maxed out on traffic and another route is needed so folks won’t have to travel through the heart of downtown.

“As Auburn continues to grow we need road infrastructure in our community to allow Auburn to expand and our citizens to move around our city comfortably,” said Ron Anders, Ward 2 Councilman.

That’s where the idea of a new loop road comes in.

“We have a lot of people that want to go up Highway 29 to Highway 280 and do not need to go into the city of Auburn by traveling to downtown. So, this will provide a way around the city of Auburn so they don’t have to go through the downtown area,” said City of Auburn Engineer Jeff Ramsey.

That proposed loop road would begin at the new interchange of Interstate 85 / exit 50 and terminate at the intersection of Highway 280 and Highway 147.

“We are looking at utilizing some existing roadways, Sand Hill Rd., Society Hill Rd. Highway 280 on the eastern side and we are looking at the feasibility study on the west side and how are going to get to exit 50 all the way up to 280 whether we are going to utilize existing roads, go across country, that kind of thing,” said Ramsey.

Auburn city leaders have been talking about a loop road for 15 years. Work, though, still to be done before that or any other idea gets a thumbs up.

“The feasibility study will look at our drainage, our flood plains, our historic sites, any traffic data and come up with some alternatives we can look at, some cost estimates we can evaluate and narrow it down to one route we can do some design for,” said Ramsey.

The study will last about 6-8 months and is funded 80% by ALDOT and 20% by the City of Auburn.

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