Jordan High School Looking For More


Jordan high school’s football program struggled last season finishing 0-10 with 1st year Justin Newman as the head coach. Coach Newman credited the losing season to a lot of their own doing.

“With the discipline aspect, sitting kids out and things which you know hurt us when it came to game wise,” says Newman. 

It wasn’t just the disciplinary aspect that hurt their season, but the simple mistakes made on the field.

“Playing Northside, anybody that watches that game will see we are about to go into score for the win and our quarterback just drops the football. Doesn’t get hit and just gives it to them. Same thing that happened when we went to play Spencer. We were up 7-0 with the ball at midfield on our second possession and we decide we are going to snap it over the punters head. All of those little things bit us in the butt,” says Newman. 

The positives that can come from being the victim of your own mistakes, is that they’re fixable. Coach Newman believes they have eliminated these mistakes and the goal for this season can now be refocused.

“I stole something from Adam Jones and the and the Orioles in the World Baseball Classic and it was, united we grind. It was really unique seeing them go win the World Baseball Classic and the kids have started to understand that it is going to take a whole effort. It is not all about individuals and such that maybe that’s the way its been in the past before now,” says Newman.

And that goal is already being projected by the seniors on the team.

“My goal is to get everybody synced in and get everybody on one page. Everybody is not on the right page right now, we have a few mistakes as stuff like that and we’ve got to sync in as one team and stuff,” says Jordan senior running back Aaron Maxwell. 

When any team goes an entire season without a win, the objective then becomes well we can’t get any worse and can only go up from here. Jordan strives for more than just getting back to one win.

“I’m a person that always tries to shoot high. If you don’t shoot high, you’re only going to achieve hey we’re going to be better than we were last year. That’s just not good enough. That’s what I tell the kids. You know we could go win a football game and still I think be worse than we were last year and I told them I want to shoot for the playoffs,” says Newman. 

We will get to see if the Red Jackets have truly bought into the goals they have set for the team this year on August 18th in a big game against Brookstone. 

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