Eufaula Working on Toughness


One could say head coach Bryan Moore has had a pretty successful two years with the Eufaula football team, making it to the playoffs both years, but they are still not satisfied.

“I think we took a step in the right direction but we didn’t accomplish what we wanted to. I mean obviously we lost in the first round of the playoffs. That’s not our goal. Our goal is to play deep and so we’ve got to improve on that,” says Eufaula head coach, Bryan Moore.

Last season was a stepping stone for the team to get over after losing key seniors including the starting quarterback. Taylor Gover, just a sophomore at the time, was placed into that leading role.

“Getting those butterflies before every game and you feel like everyone is looking at you the whole game and if you mess up it’s your fault but once we got into the season it was fun,” says Eufaula junior quarterback Taylor Gover.

Now it is year 3 and the goal is focused on one thing.

“Be tougher, that’s it. We don’t care about our speed our strength. We just want to be tougher guys and we just want to be a better family. That is our thing around here,” says senior nose guard Quinndarrius Kelly.

“I think that’s what takes people past. When you have issues in the playoffs with weather or cold whatever that might be, your toughness is whats going to take you through those times and that’s what we are really deviled into this year,” says coach Moore.

Winning is important to every coach, because it has to be, but coach Moore takes the job one step further.

“We are hoping that we create good people. That when we put them out there, we’ve got 12 seniors and when we put those 12 seniors out into the world that they do the right things so genuinely thats our goal here at Eufaula is to create good people and then obviously along with that comes winning games,” says coach Moore.

Eufaula will start the 2017 season with Early County GA, Friday August 25th, on the road.

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