LeGree Takes Over at Pacelli High School


From Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach. Mark LeGree has moved up the chain at Pacelli high school. Once a player in the NFL, LeGree hopes his experience on the turf will make up for his in-experience on the sidelines.

“Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh, Lovie Smith, I mean I take a lot of tips from them. I love their energy. They try to also do things to try to make the team come together and so I have plans for the team to do fun type bonding things especially during camp just to get that sense of brother hood and family back,” says LeGree.

LeGree is no stranger to the brotherhood at Pacelli, once a Viking himself back in 2006. Coming back home, for him, was an easy choice.

“After I was done playing professionally I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do in life. I have a passion for being around kids. A great opportunity came out here and why not come back to your home,” says LeGree.

Coming off of a 1-9 record, Pacelli’s goal is to keep climbing. Players say leadership seems to be the answer and it all starts with Coach LeGree.

“He is going to put us in situations that we might not get through individually. Things where we need teammates. Things where we need support. So its not going to be easy. These last few weeks of summer have been tough, but i think its been to build character. He’s trying to build the character for the team,” says Pacelli Senior Matthew Dawahare.

There’s one thing that gives this team a challenge and that’s size.

“We don’t have a lot of kids but we are still strong. We are working harder than anybody out here. We are a tight nit group. A lot of teams have 40 plus kids alright, we are struggling to have 30 but this group right here, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I believe in them and this is a tight nit group and that’s going to transition and show on the field this year,” says LeGree.

The Vikings will kick off the regular season at home on August 18th against Mount de Sales.

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