West Georgia Jets Gearing Up for Their Next Event


It began with a dad’s dream to coach and a passion in track and field. The West Georgia Jets are an organization that began in 2011. It’s a team made up of 50 Columbus area kids ranging in age from 6-18.

“A lot of my athletes; their introduction into track is with our club. What I like to do is get them young,” states Head Coach Marcus McGinty.

In just its sixth year of existence, the team has already competed on a national level and is on its way to doing that again. While they’ve been busy practicing, they’ve also faced adversity.

“There has been a lot of rain so we’ve had a lot of canceled practices unfortunately but we work through it,” continues McGinty.

As the jets continue to train at Hardaway high school, they have a swagger about them as they prepare for what’s next. Fifteen of these kids will be heading to the USATF Regionals in Jacksonville while three others are headed to the AAU Primary National Championship in Orlando.

“If i had to say we have a motto, its we run this. And you know it’s kind of cocky but we are humble but our kids definitely have confidence,” says McGinty.

On the track it’s you against the person running next to you, but the jets are a team first and foremost.

“I expect them to give their best and show everybody that us kids cant do something from the south and we can just run this,” says long jump champion Zacquon Farrow.

They have high expectations. For example long jumper Zacquon Farrow is coming off an individual National Championship, but while expectations are high, Coach McGinty hopes that these young athletes can also have fun in the process.

“You have to like it to come out here in 90 degree weather and run and do repeats over again and i enjoy it, i think they enjoy it, and i think they are going to make the tri-city area proud,” states McGinty.

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