Patients Not Taking Meds as Prescribed


Too many patients not taking their medications.

One of the biggest challenges for health care providers today is getting patients to actually take their medications.

Adhereteach is out to change that. John Stein is the Founder and CEO,”We make patented smart pill bottles that track and improve medication adherence in real time”

The bottles are loaded with state of the art technology to tell when patients take their medication, with sensors that measure the open and close of the bottle and additional sensors that measure the content.

If a dose is missed, the bottles light up and chime to remind patients to take their pills.

The technology can also prompt reminder phone calls , text messages, or activate even doctor interventions if a dose is missed.

But, you don’t have to be tech savy to use them, “”Our average user is 70 and about 1/3 don’t even use cell phones.”

Adhere tech partners with Pharma companies and hospitals including Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Weill Cornell Medical to provide the smart bottles to patients for free, distributed from some of the largest pharmacies across the globe.

Dr. Leah Burke of Weill Cornell Medicine says, “So patients have actually changed their behavior in response to having the bottle. It’s been an overall positive experience.”

To date they’ve raised $2.4 million in funding from investors including GE Ventures and have thousands of bottles on the market in four continents, streaming patient data back to providers in real time .

Adheretech is continuing its expansion in the US and internationally and the start up says its already profitable.



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