Two Auburn University Asst. Professors Receive Seed Grant for Research Projects

Two researchers at Auburn University received a grant from the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards, given annually by the Oak Ridge Associated Universities Consortium.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Majid Beidaghi, and Bridgett King, Assistant Professor of Political Science each received a one year $5,000 seed grant to start their research.

Beidaghi’s research goal is to try and make new batteries to replace lithium-ion batteries.

“The one that’s very interesting is aluminum battery. It’s cheap and the most abundant metal and once we make an aluminum battery it will be much safer and cheaper,” said Beidaghi.

They were very excited when they received the grant because they told us it’s reviewed by the best scientists in the field.

The other $5,000 grant goes to Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Auburn University Bridgett King.

King joined Auburn’s faculty in 2014, and will use the money to work with colleagues from the University of Kentucky to study the impact of felony disenfranchisement laws and policy on community voter turnout among citizens who are still legally able to vote.

The team will utilize geographic information system technology in combination with data on felony convictions, precinct-specific election data and information from the U.S. census for a comprehensive precinct-level analysis of voter turnout.

“The kind of broader idea is if you are a politically engaged community, are you limited because you live in community with a large number of people with felony convictions or are you close to people with a felony conviction than that might not be accessible to you as they are to someone who lives in a community where they don’t know anyone with felony convictions. So, we are trying to tease out how those two things are connected to each other,” said King.


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