Web Wealthy

Some millennials are breaking away from the norm of an 8 to 5 job and are making a living by creating videos on YouTube.

Brandon Jordan and Jake Koehler spend their time at  the Chattahoochee River, capturing their adventures on camera and putting it on the internet.

Don’t consider this a living? Well, they have millions of followers and making thousands of dollars a month.

“I went to college in California, but I dropped out my first semester chasing my dream job which is YouTube,”said Jake Koehler, whose YouTube name is DALLMYD.

Koehler first started making gaming videos and putting them on YouTube, but decided that wasn’t for him and wanted to do more videos outdoors.

“I love going back and treating it as a memory bank and one thing led to another and I got people interested in watching the videos,”said Koehler.

Not just people, two million people.

“I have 2 million subscribers and I don’t know where all these people are coming from. It’s an insane number and in the beginning of  the year we started at 500,000,” said Koehler.

That watch him on his YouTube channel dive for river treasure.

“You can find murder weapons, big fish, I think it’s different and people are interested in having a good time with us,”said  Koehler.

“I think he’s a great model,” said Lori Koehler, Jake’s mom.

Jake’s family was first a little hesitant when they told them that he could make a living off YouTube.

“I like to think I’m progressive in my thinking. But, I’m traditional at times and I’m like hmm how can you make money? That was my first thought. Whose paying you? How does this work?” said Jake’s dad, Tim Koehler.

They did, though, put a timeline on his YouTube dream. But, once he proved to them that he was making money off these videos, around six figures a year, they are now blown away at what he’s already accomplished at such a young age.

“We go out to lunch and these little kids will come up and ask to take a picture with Jake and it’s fun to see that interaction they have with Jake,” said Hannah Koehler, Jake’s younger sister.

“I get so many people say that’s Jake, that’s your son and grown men come in to the barber shop and say I watch his videos,” said Lori Koehler, Jake’s mom.

And they really do believe Jake is a role model for those looking to jump into this business as well because what they put on the internet all ages can watch.

“What they put online is online forever, so they make sure to put out a good image. Jake and Brandon both do that and they want to make sure they are good role models and have a clean channel,” said Hannah Koehler.

And out on the Chattahoochee River is where Koehler met his “fellow YouTuber,” Brandon Jordan, or as people know him on YouTube as “Jiggin With Jordan.”

“In Columbus, we are sitting on a gold mine. There is nothing like this in the world,” said Jordan.

But, Jordan started off a little different. His claim to fame actually started in a classroom at Columbus State University. They had to make three videos in their Media Production class for YouTube,” said Jordan.

“I fell in love with the process and it’s now turned into a full time job,” said Jordan.

A full-time job with thousands of followers as well.

“The mystery of what’s in the river has really elevated the channel,” said Jordan.

And that’s how the two teamed up to bring both their audiences a little more to the table.

“In 4-5 months its turned into full time job. It’s a blessing getting to do this every day,” said Jordan.

And people did have their doubts.

“I had people tell me I’d never be able to do this and I sought out to prove them wrong,” said Koehler.

And they did.

“Even though it’s not your traditional job, the money is still green and real. So, the fact that I get to do what I love, my family and friends embrace that and it’s so awesome,” said Jordan.

And they have some advice for those looking to get into it.

“I think so many people around us, they feel pressured to be someone or be successful in some field. I think we try to be living proof to those people that you can do what you love and go as hard as you can everyday and you can make a living doing stuff no one else thought you could do,” said Jordan.

So, even though it’s breaking away from the norm, both these guys are making the big bucks while doing a job they love.

“Do what you love and eventually you’ll find out a way to make money doing that thing you love to do,” said Jordan.

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