Auburn Public Library Summer Activities & Updates

Self-Checkout Machines

The Auburn Public Library has two new self-checkout machines.

This is a project they’ve been working on for about a year and a half.

They are also one of the few libraries in Alabama to have these machines.

You put your books on the  radio frequency identification technology pad, it scans the barcode on the back of the book and it works quickly so you can walk out with no problem.

Last year, people checked out more than 400 thousand items.

So, this is a faster way and it frees up staff to help others.

“What self-checkout does is it allows patrons to take that kind of repetitive task of checking items out and it allows them to do that on their own and then that frees up our staff to help others find materials or helping them with technology or other time intensive tasks,” said Chris Warren, Director of Auburn Public Library.

Warren said there’s nothing about this technology that will  replace staff. This just free up their time to help other patrons in the library.

Summer Learning Challenge

Residents of all ages can enter into the Auburn Library’s Summer Learning Challenge.

All you have to do is read or have someone read to you for 20 minutes a day and anyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a Nintendo switch.

Audiobooks count as well!

The challenge, of course, encourages you to read, but also if you have any learning goals, or want to read about any hobbies you want to take up, this gives you an opportunity to do that!

You can also spin the wheel of joy for every hour you read!

Take one spin on the wheel and you can win prizes like  T-shirts, pencils, stickers or jokes and high fives.

iI you or your family wants to participate, there’s still time to sign up at the library.

Library’s Address:
749 E. Thach Ave. Auburn, AL

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