Cancer Patients Consider Purchasing a Computer


Finding changes early could save lives.

Two years ago, cancer patient Kathy Kowsky was too sick to make the short walk from her home to the ocean, ” When you lay down in bed you can hear the waves crashing. It’s just calming.”

Kathy’s cancer was discovered during a routine colonscopy. After 3 surgeries and 29 days of radiation, the side effects were debilitating.

Kathy said, “The pain was agonizing. The burns from the radiation were so extensive…I just thought that was the end for me. ”

Like so many patients, instead of calling a doctor, she suffered in silence, “Kathy
I wasn’t going to complain…you’ve suffered through so many different types of pain during these treatments, you don’t know when you should really worry.”

What many patients don’t realize, is symptoms from treatment aren’t only dangerous, they can be fatal.

According to Dr. Ethan Basch, “If side-effects get out of control they can be deadly. This system helps us to catch things early and intervene before they cause terrible complications.”

The system is a simple online questionnaire.

In twelve quick clicks, patients at home can let their physician know how they are feeling.

That’s right.

In the study conducted by Memorial Sloan Kettering, 766 patients reported symptoms over 7 years. The results? Quality of life increased by 16%, trips to the ER decreased by  7% and patients were able to remain on chemo for 2 months longer.

Perhaps the most significant outcome,”Patients do live longer when they are using the system.”

Five months longer, that’s longer and better than the benefits of most cancer medicines.

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