Chelsea Earns $195 Million for Winning Premier League


LONDON (AP) — Chelsea collected 150.8 million pounds ($195 million) in broadcast revenue and prize money for winning the English Premier League.

That’s almost two-thirds more than Leicester banked for winning the previous year’s title, with Chelsea profiting from new television deals.

Sunderland was relegated earlier this month as the last-place team but still earned 93.5 million pounds.  The league’s commercial and international broadcast revenue is split equally, giving each club 39 million pounds each.

Half of the domestic TV revenue is split equally between the 20 clubs, amounting to 35.3 million pounds.

A quarter of it is distributed depending on a team’s finishing place and the remaining quarter based on the domestic TV appearances. That explains why Manchester City and Liverpool earned more cash than Tottenham despite finishing directly below the runners-up.