Walking Through a Week of Life Changing Hypnosis

WLTZ First News aired a special series called, “Mind Power.”

The goal of each segment in the series was to show how hypnosis impacted the volunteers personal health.

Throughout the week of May 22nd-May 26th, viewers saw ten volunteers from WLTZ try to get hypnotized by professional hypnotist, Richard Barker.

In the end, only five of the volunteers remained in the trance.

In this video above, you will see a quick recap from that week.

Each night reporter, Ricki Vann highlighted one of the volunteers who was impacted by trying the trance.

WLTZ Anchor, Dee Armstrong told us she learned how to relax through hypnosis, here.

Director, Nicole Jones said she wanted to stop binge drinking on the weekends and now she’s sober as a result of hypnosis. Watch her transition here.

New WLTZ employee, Bradley Tarver learned how to remain calm when under pressure. Watch him wash away all of his cares and worries, here.

WLTZ Weatherman, Miller Robson tries hypnosis to gain a new and focused mindset when studying for exams. Robson is currently enrolled in meteorology school with Mississippi State University. In this link, you will hear how Robson says his studying habits have improved from hypnosis.

If you would like to talk with a professional hypnotist for your health, contact Richard Barker directly, here: incrediblehypnotist.com