Adjusting to Guns On Campus in Georgia


Students returning to Georgia’s university campuses won’t find gun storage facilities or signs this fall after a new state law permitting concealed handguns at the schools takes effect.

Advice released to students and staff at all 28 public colleges sought to answer some of the questions that have come up since Gov. Nathan Deal signed the bill this month

In a message to faculty and students, Chancellor Steve Wrigley acknowledged “strong feelings” about the change, which the university system and campus law enforcement opposed.

Lawmakers gave no specific instructions on how campuses should implement the law, unlike other states where schools had some leeway. The legislation did contain an array of exempted spaces, leaving University System of Georgia leaders to sort out the details before the law takes effect July 1.

Georgia joins nine other states that allow concealed weapons to be carried on campuses. Permit-holders must be at least 21 — or at least 18 with proof of basic training or active service in the military. Applicants must provide fingerprints for a criminal record check and undergo an additional federal background check.

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