WATCH Miller Robson Take Hypnosis to a Whole New Level


On WLTZ First News “Today” or “Midday,” you will see Miller Robson.

Robson is the morning and noon weatherman.

He is also a husband, a father to three precious girls, a deacon at his church and an online student studying meteorology at Mississippi State University.

Robson stays busy! And that is why, when he had an opportunity to get hypnotized, he was up for the relaxation.

Robson said, “I would like to be hypnotized to help my memory and to help with studying for tests.”

Along with about nine of his fellow co-workers at WLTZ, they all sat down to get hypnotized by professional hypnotist, Richard Barker.

“Hypnosis is a heighten since of awareness. You go from being in the normal state, the waking state, like we are in now, to a heighten level of suggestibility and awareness of the things around you,” said Barker.

Each volunteer in the room chose to take the trance for a different personal reason.

Robson wanted to get hypnotized to be better at retaining information while studying for his online meteorology classes.

While Robson was in the trance, Barker told him that his mind is a sponge and he can now retain more information.

“You will be a complete success. Miller, nod your head if you understand,” said Barker.

In the end, Barker’s goal was for Robson to now have a mental edge in his studies.

“Hypnosis is in the air that we breath. It is not a pill or a lotion or potion,” said Barker.

As each minute passed by, Robson fell deeper into the trance. Robson became so focused on the suggestions that Barker said it was time to have some fun!

So, Barker told the volunteers: “Imagine yourself like a small goldfish in a small bowl. Imagine yourself as a hungry goldfish in a small goldfish bowl. Keep swimming! Eat the food! Keep swimming! Eat the Food!”

While the volunteers were acting as goldfish, one of the volunteers left the room.

Barker tells us that can happen because: “As soon as someone feels self doubt, they should just push those thoughts away because it is going to block one’s concentration.”

Eventually, Barker had to bring the remaining volunteers out of the trance and the all fun was over.

Barker left the station and Robson continued on with his school work for the Spring semester.

About two months later, we followed up with Robson, asking how his finals went. “I can honestly say that I can remember things easier. When I am studying, I feel a little bit more at ease. I think that I should not stress over studying so much. It has helped out my memory a lot,” said Robson.

“It is perfectly normal to question it, because hypnosis is not something that is tangible. You cannot see it. But you will feel better as a result of hypnosis. So therefore, give it a shot,” said Barker.

If you would like more information on hypnosis, contact Richard Barker directly, here:

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