Testing Hypnosis on Dee Armstrong


She is a woman who everyone in the community knows and loves.

You have seen her on your television and out in the community for decades, but now you will see her in a whole new role.

We are talking about Dee Armstrong and on WLTZ First News Monday night, you will see her get hypnotized.

Dee, along with some of her fellow coworkers, got hypnotized by professional hypnotist, Richard Barker.

Barker is originally from the United Kingdom, but he now lives in the United States and is a new American citizen.

Barker has been featured on NBC’s “Today Show.” On the show, he hypnotized NBC’s Al Roker, Natalie Morales and actress, Ellie Kemper.

The hypnotist also made a very popular appearance on the “Late Late Show with James Corden.”

In that late night CBS appearance, Barker hypnotized actor, Josh Duhamel.

Now watch the video above as Barker tries to hypnotize some of the WLTZ First News staff.

Barker first asked the volunteers: “Are y’all ready to be hypnotized?” They all nodded yes.

Barker then asked the volunteers to sit nice and comfortably in their chairs, relaxed and focused on their breathing. Barker said, “Breathe in. Close your eyes. Let your head hit your chest. Breathe out. From this point forward, you choose to put your mind in a state of relaxation.”

The volunteers were focused on his every word.

But how were the volunteers able to listen to the hypnotist, while the volunteers were trying to sleep?

Barker explains saying, “Hypnosis is a heightened sense of awareness. You go from being in the normal waking state, to a heightened level of suggestibility and awareness of things around you. A volunteer has to be willing and they have to want it to happen. They have to want to listen to my suggestions.”

Barker spent time talking with each volunteer about the specific thing they wanted to be hypnotized for.

With Dee, Barker talked to her about relaxing, saying: “Now just for the person I am touching now. You are a superstar already. You will now become the ambassador of a relaxation machine.”

After Barker finished speaking with Dee, while she was under the trance, he asked her to nod her head if she understood him, and she agreed by shaking her head, yes.

While the volunteers were under hypnosis for the first hour, you could see each person taking to the trace in a different fashion.

In fact, a couple of people in the room were not able to follow Barker’s direction and he kindly asked them to leave.

Barker tells us, when people are falling in and out of the trance, it is normal.

Barker said, “Someone could be in a mild, medium to a deep level of hypnosis. Somebody from self doubting, that it actually happened to them, to someone like Dee Armstrong, who was in a somnambulistic state, which is a deep, good level of hypnosis.”

According to Dictionary.com, Dee’s level of hypnosis is defined as “sleepwalking.”

To have a little fun with Dee’s current state of mind, Barker told her to forget her name.

When Barker told Dee that she forgot her name, Dee could not remember her name.

Here is what Barker said for Dee to not remember her own name: “So for example, we have this lady here (Dee). Her name has just vanished from her memory banks. You try to think about it, but your name has totally vanished from your memory.”

Barker even told WLTZ’s Ricki Vann to ask Dee what her name is: “What’s your name?” said Vann.

In response, Dee only smiled and didn’t speak.

Dee did not have the answer, because under the trance, she could not remember her name.

To help Dee remember her name, Barker told her to sing a very familiar song, “Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!” Dee sang.

However, she still could not remember her name.

To help her out, Barker told her to remember that her name is Dee.

She immediately said, “It’s Dee! My name is Dee!”

One month after Dee was hypnotized, we asked her how she felt and what she learned from the experience.

Dee said, “I needed to learn how to relax. Especially in the business we work in. We are constantly going, constantly going and you need to be able to let stuff go. I don’t know how to explain how I felt, but hypnosis really works.”

For those who still question the trance, here’s how Barker solidifies it: “Where do you go if you have mind ache? Not brain ache. If you have a brain ache, you would go to a surgeon. Where would go, where you will not get a pill? If you have a mind ache, you would go to a hypnotist.”

Barker also recommends, if you would like to see a hypnotist to better your health, to contact him personally.

The reason why he told us to give you his contact information is so that he can do the research and find a hypnotist that will give you a positive experience.

You can reach Richard Barker directly through his website, here: incrediblehypnotist.com.

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