EXCLUSIVE: Dramatic Dash Cam Video Reveals Officer Brown Fired 21 Shots

Former CPD Officer Reloaded after Three Columbus Teens shot in Phenix City

The graphic dash cam video is part of a detailed report issued by the State Bureau of Investigation here in Alabama.

Former Officer Allan Brown has said he felt threatened by the teen driver after a chase that exceed 100 miles per hour at one point.

Dash cam video shows Allan brown trailing two other police cars in pursuit of Christian Redwine in Columbus after reports of a stolen vehicle.

Brown tells the other officers to “let me come around you”.

Once the chase crosses the 13th Street bridge and into Phenix City, the speed accelerates close to 100 MPH.

“Dispatch speeds are 98 mph”

Two minutes later in the dead of night the driver appears headed for the highway.

Officer Brown again narrates the speed to dispatch.

“Advise speed 107 miles an hour”

Redwine with two other teens in tow , takes the Riverchase Drive exit headed back to Phenix City when he loses control of the vehicle.

Again , the officer narrates the scene back to dispatch.

“We’re gonna be on Riverchase Road dispatch. He has wrecked out. Wrecked out. He is spinning. Start uh rescue”

With the wheels spinning in reverse, Officer Brown on foot now fires his weapon 11 times.

The passenger  pleading for the officer to stop.

“No stop. please. I got shot.
Please. Please. ”

Brown instead pauses to reload firing 10 more times but by then all three teens had already been shot

“Oh my God I‘m shot . My God. Please no. Please Please”

According to the Department of Forensic Sciences, it was the first of those 21 bullets that struck Redwine in the head and heart that proved fatal.

In Russell County, Robbie Watson WLTZ First News.


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