South Columbus residents live in Third World Conditions

Parkwood Mobile Homes cited 31 times by Inspections since 2011


Residents of Parkwood Mobile Homes say they paid their rent for the month of May, water included but were abruptly abandoned by the property owners this week.

“And a lady came around this morning, she knocked on my door and said Eddie what are we going to do without the water?”

“It’s like slum lords you know what I’m saying? Because they stopped doing maintenance on our trailors, they stopped cutting the grass. They just stopped doing anything.”

Upon further inspection, Parkwood is no stranger to the City, cited a whopping 31 times for property maintenance and code violations.

“But I gave them $250 for the month of May.”

Wait a minute. You owe them $250 for a trailer with a tree on top?

“Yes Ma’am. I gave them $250 for a trailer with a tree on top.”

So just who was running the show here for Parkwood Associates?

Good question.

The company is registered to a PO Box in Doylestown PA but former Army officer and local attorney

Chris Meacham is listed as a registered agent for the company.

Miraculously , Meacham told First News he didn’t know his own client

saying he couldn’t name any people associated with Parkwood.

“You’ve got Veterans here and people have been here 20 plus years and its hard for us. The way they are treating us is not American. You know we are taxpayers. We work hard for our money and we work to live in a nice place where we can call home. But we can’t call this home now.”

Currently there are about a dozen or so people living here on the property without basic human needs. Many of them say they simply don’t have the means to pick up and move on a week’s notice.  Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News.

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