Alabama Candidate for Senate Invokes President Trump’s Slogan

Roy Moore Ties himself to Trump slogan

U.S. Senate candidate and former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore invokes President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan with and added twist.

Moore said, “I support President Trump’s agenda of making America great again. But I submit to you that we can only make America great again if we make America good,”

Moore’s campaign announcement spelled out what he believes isn’t good: divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage.

Moore made the statement in his downtown Montgomery office a day after announcing his bid for the Senate seat previously held by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I am definitely not establishment,” Moore said with a chuckle.

Former Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange currently holds the Senate seat. He was appointed by then-Gov. Robert Bentley, who resigned this month amid fallout from an alleged affair with a top staffer.

Bentley had planned for a 2018 Senate election which would have allowed his pick to hold the seat longer. But the state’s new governor, Kay Ivey, moved it up to this year.

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