Sidewalks Will Be Added Around New Auburn High School, ACS & City of Auburn Partnership

Auburn City Schools with a partnership with the City of Auburn will start construction on  a sidewalk around the high school.

Officials from both tell us once the sidewalk is complete, it will not only benefit students, faculty and staff, but also the community.

Part of the overall vision when planning out the new school was to add sidewalks around the property.

“It was something working with the city we find value in and pursued. We are excited to see when its complete because you’ll have complete loop around property ,” said Auburn City Schools Public Relations Specialist Daniel Chesser.

Chesser adds that a lot of students and faculty that live around their current high school walk to class.

So, adding sidewalks to the new high school insures they’ll arrive to class safely.

“This is being proactive to prevent something terrible from happening,” said Chesser.

The city is also pitching in.

A $900,000 approval from city council members to finish the sidewalk and fix a culvert at the intersection of E. University Dr. and Samford Ave. before school starts .

“We have existing traffic signals and we’ve added push buttons at those pedestrian lights, when to walk and that kind of thing. We are also installing new street lights on Samford to provide light for people to walk at night,” said Public Works Director & City of Auburn Engineer Jeff Ramsey.

Once the sidewalk hits the school, that’s when Auburn City Schools pay. They put aside $41,000 to finish the sidewalk.

Both city and school officials also agree the community will benefit from the new sidewalks.

“We want to encourage people to get out and walk  so we want to provide facilities for them,” said Ramsey.

“We are trying to continue the model you see across the community,” said Chesser.

Construction will start in May and they hope to be completed by the time students start school in August.

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