Who’s Home is it Anyway? Yours or the Ants?



Ant’s are tiny little creatures that create a great big problem in the home and in the yard.

In homes with kids and pets, there can be some hesitation about using some of the commercial chemicals to kill ants. A recent article in @Mary Hunt’s Everyday Cheapskate gives the recipe for a natural ant killer that wont hurt you or your pet.

You’ll pay for enough ingredients to make several batches, so the cost is much cheaper than most commercial ant killers in the long run. Ready? Here is what Mary Hunt has to say in her article, “Make Your Own Safe and Effective Ant Spray.”

“While there are dozens of homemade remedies for dealing with ants—from poisoning them with boric acid, borax, or ammonia—the ingredients can create toxic situations for crawling babies, pets and that salad you’re about to make on the counter where you just attempted to deal with an ant attack,” she says in her popular blog.

The ingredients for her super potent, but, safe ant killer are a dark glass spray bottle with a sprayer that has one of those filters on it. If you can’t find one right away you can order one online for little or nothing. You need the glass and it needs to be dark because the spray is sensitive to light.

Everyone has some ground cayenne pepper around the house. Get some tea tree essential oil and peppermint oil from your local health food store or maybe even your neighborhood pharmacy. And some tap water.

She says , “Fill a 16-oz. amber spray bottle to about 1 inch from the top with tap water. Add 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 20 drops pure tea tree essential oil and 20 drops pure peppermint essential oil. Add more water if needed to fill the bottle. Apply the sprayer, shake well to mix. Label the bottle and store in a dark place.” Then heat the mixture until it’s nearly boiling hot.

If the ants are inside you can spray it  on just about anything without causing any damage. But test your fabrics and surfaces first just to be sure.

If the ants are outside, it might get a little tricky. You’ll have to find the next , use a long broom or mop handle and hammer it into the hill at least 18 inches. And then she writes in her blog, “Carefully pour the contents kettle into the hole—it’s very hot, so be careful. The heat from boiling water alone will kill ants on contact. But the pepper and oils in this cocktail will leach into the areas surrounding that deep hole making it totally unsuitable for an ant colony for the rest of this season for sure, and possibly for another season as well.”

And that should do it. And as most cheapskates would say, “just use the hot water, if you’re low on funds.”

Make Your Own Safe and Effective Ant Spray

Mary Hunt’s Everyday Cheapskate

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