Lawmakers, Law Enforcement, NRA Spar over Gun Bill

Standing room only at House Committee Hearing for Legislation to end Permit Requirement


The Alabama Law Enforcement Community said their concerns over a gun bill fell on deaf ears in the Senate so they showed up in full force

with a message for the House. Can you hear me now?

A sea of law enforcement appearing in opposition and in an often contentious hearing with legislators also at odds with the bill’s sponsor.

“You know this Country is going to hell in a hand basket”

“It make no sense”

“Well I think there was some healthy discourse. There is some definite radical opinion and I don’t mean radical in a negative sense I mean just diametrically opposed perhaps.” SHERIFF JAY JONES

(Nat sound Robbie) It would be a lot easier if you just installed a wrestling mat out front

“Yeah, okay I’m for that”

Gun activists like the NRA call it a Second Amendment issue that they thought was settled long ago.

“I thought that we had left our government standing on opposition of us armed back in the late 60’s yet here we are, it’s unfortunate.”

“The Supreme Court has said that requiring a pistol permit to conceal carry is not a violation of our Second Amendment right. The Supreme Court said it.” SHERIFF HEATH TAYLOR

Supporters of the legislation say it’s about the almighty dollar.

“Pistol permits in Alabama generate over 10 million dollars to the Sheriff’s Departments and we’re not opposed to Sheriff’s Departments being fully funded. They do great work. We completely support law enforcement. What we don’t believe in is that 100 percent of that funding should be on the backs of law abiding gun owners.” WARREN CLAY, ALABAMA CARRY

“It’s no where near about the money for us. It’s a public safety issue.”

Gun enthusiasts who support the bill to eliminate that permit requirement are adamant, the bill has nothing to do with the safety of law enforcement or the community because criminals don’t bother getting a permit to conduct their business anyway. In Montgomery, Robbie Watson WLTZ FIrst News.

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