Rapper Zachariah Ka1ne Wants it to Go Back to it’s Roots


Zachariah Ka1ne looks like a typical hard core rapper. He has tattoos all over his body. But that’s about as close as he gets to some of the rap music more conservative audiences are concerned about because of the dark, overtly sexual and often violent content.

Ka1ne’s message is that rap should remain a way to express your feelings “without always going to the lowest denominator,” he said on The Dee Armstrong Show on WLTZ TV 38.

And he proved that you can listen to excellent rap music and actually feel good about the lyrics with an amazing live performance on the show.

Ka1ne keeps his lyrics about things that uplift, about love and about bringing people together. In fact, while many rappers are jumping into the business singing about drugs, sex and hurting someone, his new song, “Mona” is about the person he says is “the love of my life.”

He also wants to encourage up and comers to try to not be another copycat. Most rap listeners would have to agree that once a beat makes it big, the tendency is to make another song that sounds almost just like that.

During his refreshing television appearance,  the 28 year old from Columbus ,Ohio,  said he fights hard to be an original. He likes the bounce his music has. But, whether he’s creating beats or using someone else’s for his songs, he wants to keep it fresh and new.

Ka1ne can be heard on most music sites these days and is on a tour performing “Mona” in venues around the country.

He told the host, Dee Armstrong, his advice to up and comers, “go into the business because you love it.” He believes the trend to producing what others have called “nasty rap” is just that,  a trend and old school rhymes and real lyrics will win out in the end.




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