Police Caution Drivers & Pedestrians after AU Student was Hit by Car

An Auburn University student is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a car.

She was in serious condition, but now is out of the ICU, according to Auburn Police.

The areas around Auburn University are packed with students walking to class.

Students say, they’ve witnessed some close encounters of some accidents between walkers and drivers.

“People don’t pay attention to people who are about to cross. So, sometimes there’s hesitation and sometimes people will walk in front or they’ll wait,” said Joseph Sibalik, an AU senior who walks to class almost every day.

“I’ve been a passenger in a car when a close encounter has happened,” said AU Junior Ryan Lavoie.

These two students walk to class almost every day and say the street where the student was hit, Magnolia Ave., can be pretty dangerous.

“I think drivers need to be more aware. Magnolia Ave. is such a busy street. There’s a lot of risk to get hit,” said Sibalik.

“There’s crosswalks near Magnolia Ave. where they are not as well lit as others. So, you have  to be on the look out for it. If  you are not paying attention you run the risk of not seeing a person than it’s too late,” said Lavoie.

Police tell us in 2016 there were 22 accidents involving pedestrians, and three this year.

“Sometimes it’s caused by environmental,  low light conditions, sometimes it’s the person intoxicated, sometimes they aren’t paying attention those play into those accidents,” said Lt. Jamey Presley, with the Auburn Police Division.

Lt. Presley said when a pedestrian is actively walking across the cross walk, they have the right of way and drivers need to yield, but always be aware of your surroundings, because if a driver is distracted that’s what can lead to accidents.

And pedestrians, remember, if a car is passing through the cross walk, they have the right of way.

“Drivers pay attention to pedestrians and pedestrians be aware of cars and share the road,” said Lt. Presley.

The accident involving the student is still under investigation by Auburn police. They tell us the case will be reviewed by the DA’s office for disposition once it’s complete.

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