Habitat Residents Homeless after Storm

Audrey Thomas, Neighbors on 31st Avenue left Homeless


Residents here in this small South Columbus neighborhood, already down on their luck, suffered a devastating blow when that first round of storms blew through.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Exhausted and overwhelmed, Audrey Thomas tries to salvage what is left of her home. A Habitat house she says that was just remodeled inside.

“Ever since last July I started remodeling and November we finished the kitchen, put in new cabinets, new floors, new everything and not it’s all gone . It’s all on the floor on the ground and I just don’t know what to do.”

The local Red Cross has stepped in for temporary assistance but no long term plans for shelter and no money she’s worried about the long haul.

“I just wish anybody that could help me please because I’ve got a handicap uncle who is blind and lives with me and I’ve been helping my brother out who just came from Texas. I’ve been trying to help people out and everything I was working for is just destroyed.”

Audrey Thomas is not alone eitherĀ  Her neighbors here on 31st Avenue suffered a similar fate and now it’s a rush to beat the clock and save everything they can with forecasters warning time is of the essence. Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News

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