School Kids escape Storm Unscathed

26 Cars Damaged at Brewer Elementary, No injuries

The principal here at Brewer Elementary tells First News it was business as usual one minute inside the classroom and they were taking cover the next.

“The teachers and all of the adults in the building got all of the students into the halls. They assumed the positions. The children did very well”

Outside the classroom they didn’t fare so well multiple cars in the parking lot had the windows blown out and large trees completely uprooted.

“We have a lot of damage in the parking lot, trees are down, windows are out. My car was actually picked up and turned around but that’s okay. Those are material things . Our children are fine. Our teachers are fine.”

“Yes a blessing, a very big blessing because it was a late notice like it came out of nowhere and then after everything happened then the alarm went off so its a blessing.”

So the teachers and students all made it out unscathed . Officials are now focusing on the traffic outside the schoolone of the most traveled areas in Columbus here at the Spider Web. Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News.

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