Families outraged by DA’s Death Penalty Decisions

State initially sought Death for Kason King and Stacey Gray in unrelated Cases


There were two grieving families here appearing  for status hearings for what they thought were death penalty cases when to their dismay the incoming District Attorney they were told had other plans.

Accused killers Kason King and Stacey Gray in court for unrelated cases where the families heard Capital Punishment was off the table in one case, questionable for the other.

“It’s not what the family wants or what is proper or correct. Its what they want.” Rose Smith

Jeremy Duerr, sworn in as the Chief Prosecutor in the Fifth Judicial Circuit last November was not in court for the proceedings but his predecessor E Paul Jones had previously gone on record as seeking death for Stacey Gray accused of kidnapping, raping and killing Renee Eldridge of Columbus before tossing her body into a Valley Creek.

“This was a brutal, brutal case. That poor girl went through hell and for him to do what he did and not have to pay the consequences of what he’s done and not even be tried for the death penalty is devastating to all of us.” Phillip Eldridge

The family of Jared Smith allegedly murdered by Kason King , under the impression the DA’s office spent the last year preparing for a capital murder trial petitioned the Judge to reconsider but to no avail.

“I am very disappointed. It’s a crying shame that my son was murdered 3 almost 4 years ago and the Judge thats been overseeing this case from the get go wanted to know who I was the mother of the victim and was very abruptly rude to me and Chambers County I just don’t know about this judicial system. I just don’t know about it.”  Rose Smith

The Families, shocked and angry consoling each other ….compared notes outside the courthouse.

Both cases were delayed until May. At that time the DA is expected to make another decision if in fact the state will seek the death penalty for Stacy Gray.

Robbie Watson, WLTZ FIrst News.

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