Portions of the Southeast Rocked By Severe Weather Monday


A strong line of severe storms left a path of destruction though the south east Monday.

In northern Mississippi, hail did the most damage with cars covered in dents and windows bashed in by falling ice. Storms also produced heavy rain, lightning, and strong winds.

In Nashville strong storms knocked down trees and power lines.  At least two vehicles were crushed by a falling tree.

There were reports of up to baseball sized hail.

“It sounded like somebody was beating the hell out of the roof with baseball bats,” said Jeremy Melton who was caught in the storm. “Every car here got their windows busted out.”

In the Nashville area more than one thousand people lost power.

Overnight that number was closer to 800.

Your WLTZ FIRST NEWS WEATHER team is tracking a developing system out west that could impact the Chattahoochee Valley and the Plains Thursday night into Friday.

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