Police: Suspect stalked Lead Detective

SGT Anthony Locey awarded for his work on 5 Corner Lotto Case

Columbus Police Major Gil Slouchick tells First News to have a murder suspect openly stalk and threaten a lead detective is extremely rare here.

“It’s a first time I can remember.”

And how long have you been doing this?

“Forty years”

The suspect, Courtney Williams was being interrogated for the murder of a conveinence store clerk when he reportedly told investigators he knew where lead detective SGT Anthony Locey lives and his personal routine and that of his family members and that he could essentially strike at anytime if he was so inclined.

“Well we learned of this after the fact so naturally we did the appropriate charges Uh this is something we weren‘t aware of it at the time it was happening.. We were aware of it after the individual was in custody.”

When asked how Locey, who was recently awarded Officer of the Month for his work on the case responded. Police say…the only way he knows how.

“Well he charged the guy with it and he put him in jail for murder so”

Is he the one that actually made the arrest?

“He made the arrest. He is the lead investigator on the case.”

That suspect Courtney Williams is currently being held without bond on 19 charges for 3 separate incidents including aggravated assault against a child.

Robbie Watson

WLTZ First News.

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