Pacelli’s McCartney Witsell Determined to Excel on the Baseball Team


When Pacelli High School couldn’t find enough interest to field a softball team, the only option was to eliminate the sport.

For junior McCartney Witsell, it wasn’t good news.

“I was upset,” she said. “But I was looking for somewhere else to play.”

So McCartney came up with a Plan B. and a conversation with her teacher Hart Mizell, changed everything.

“She really wanted to stick with something that was close to softball and obviously baseball is kind of the answer for that,” said baseball coach Mizell. “She expressed interest in doing it.”

“He’s mentioned it before that I could play for the baseball team, but I just never did,” she said. “So I finally decided I should.”

For nearly a month, McCartney has been practicing with the rest of the baseball team, learning the ins and outs of the game.

“The pitches are definitely different, a different angle,” McCartney said. “They fly way over your head, they don’t fall like softballs do.”

But she’s slowly been adjusting and has already proven herself in many ways.

“The only qualification I gave her when she talked to me about playing was that she was gonna keep up with the pace of practice and do everything that we ask her to and she’s done that,” Mizell said. “She’s been a great addition so far. She works her butt off.”

There s still a lot she needs to get the hang of, but after coming this far, McCartney isn’t backing down.

By this time next next year, she s hoping to be good enough to earn a spot in the lineup and encourage girls everywhere that they can do the same.

“Just do it. I mean you’ll never know unless you try,” she said. “I can do everything anything else can. It’s not being a girl doesn’t put me back at all.”

Because McCartney is just another baseball player looking to get better.

The only thing that makes her different is a ponytail.

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